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ATTENDANCE – supporting your child’s learning and so their future life chances and opportunities!

Being in school and having the best attendance possible underpins all the many benefits of school for your child, such as their learning, wellbeing and wider development.

For some children, we know that attending school every day will be harder than for others. This is why our School is committed to working together with families to solve problems and support your child’s school attendance.

The detailed guide from the DFE covers two main areas – the respective responsibilities of Schools and Parents / Carers to ensure good attendance for your child.

Attendance so far this school year


We have good attendance in our school - please see the summary of the last full academic year 2022-23 below – but we want it to further improve, for EVERY child.


95% = 10 days = 2 school weeks

90% = 19 days = nearly 4 school weeks

85% = 29 days = nearly 6 school weeks

80% = 38 days = nearly 9 school weeks

75% = 47 days = nearly 10 school weeks

Children and families have 175 days off school to spend time together, including weekends and school holidays.

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