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Welcome children new to English

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Year Six Children have written this booklet to help children who join our school perhaps later than Reception to understand what life is like here, as a member of our School family.

We hope that you find it helpful and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Ian Williams




Welcome to our school, Christ Church C of E Primary School. Here, we have reasonable ground rules to secure our safety and Road Safety officers to help us before school starts. Staff-wise, we have supportive and exuberant teachers who offer us praise to motivate us to do our best, a wonderfully wise Head Teacher, Mr I. Williams and midday assistants for lunchtime support. In terms of education, we go on amazing school trips every year to learn about various subjects, a perfectly green curriculum and a wide selection of subjects. We are located next to a church so sometimes we go down to see Reverend Neil. Finally, we have a link with a school in France. You can delve deeper into these topics further on in this booklet.

Staff Roles in School

Members of staff at our school have equally important roles – we think it’s best to talk you through all of Christ Church’s wonderful employees.

Our wise and witty head teacher, Mr Williams, takes care of us and the school wonderfully well. During lunchtimes, our midday assistants help us whenever they can and let us know they’re there to help. Our cooks cooperate well together to satisfy us with delicious meals. Mrs Lynskey is the kind-hearted and compassionate friendship teacher who will listen to any problems/worries you have and will do her best to help. The office staff organise letters and money. Our good-natured teachers and teaching assistants educate us to help us fulfil a brighter future.

School Rules

Here at Christ Church, we have various simple rules which are expected to be follows – but don’t worry, they’re easy rules to follow and understand. These rules will help us to fulfil our goals and they will also keep us safe.

Our C.H.R.I.S.T Values are some of our most important rules and they must be followed at all times:

C – compassion, we are kind to people.

H – hope, we dare to dream.

R – respect, we are polite and fair to others.

I – integrity, we are truthful to ourselves.

S – service, here we put others first.

T – thankfulness, we appreciate all we have.

Including the C.H.R.I.S.T rules we have other small rules such as holding open doors for people and picking something up if someone drops it.

Safety in School

We will now inform you about the safety rules in our school. These rules we take most seriously at Christ Church Primary.

If you’re feeling down or have any worries/problems needing to be expressed, each class has a worry box. If you cannot locate the worry box, make sure you speak up and tell a trusted adult.

At the start of every school day, if you are in possession of a mobile phone, switch it off and hand it to a teacher.

If you need to go indoors at break time, make sure a teacher is aware so that they don’t need to worry about you.

Online safety is a serious matter in our school and when on the internet, make sure the search bar starts with ‘https’ to secure safety online.

Keep your feet on the ground at break time, the fences are high and you could easily injure yourself if you climbed them!

Our Uniform

At Christ Church, we have a sensible uniform which represents our school. It consists of: a white shirt, trousers or skirt, or shorts if it gets sunny. If it is cold, we may wear a navy jumper or cardigan. Navy is our school’s colour which is why our tie is striped navy. In the infants we wear a smaller tie with elastic to go under our collar. In the juniors, we must know how to tie a full-sized tie which we wear instead. On average school days, we wear our normal uniform but on P.E days (they vary from class to class) we wear our P.E kit. It is made up of: navy shorts or joggers (depending on the weather), our school P.E top and a navy hoodie (again depending on the weather). Don’t worry about staining them, they’re going to get dirty!


We are encouraged to learn in a variety of different ways in our school. Throughout the year, we use Reading Plus or Reading Eggs, which help us develop out reading skills and in the Juniors TT Rockstars, which helps us learn our times-tables. Due to our teachers encouragement, we are also motivated to ask questions. As our school is idiosyncratic, every so often we do ‘Risk it for a Biscuit’ which is where our teacher picks a random name to show their writing to the class and if they get fewer than three things incorrect they get a biscuit. Here at Christ Church we enjoy learning a wide range of knowledge.

Food Growing

One thing that makes our school unique is that we have a vegetable garden full of healthy food so that we can grow produce to sell. With the profits we make we use the money to buy more seeds to plant. Also, it links to our learning in history, geography and science. Some of our gardening work is completed during school time but there is also a Gardening Club after school which is on Thursdays and its run by Mr Mullan and Miss Walters.

Year 6 Roles

In our school, Year Sixes apply for jobs to help out our amazing school, jobs like:

  • School shop
  • Book shop
  • Maths board
  • House captain
  • Playground leader
  • Office monitor
  • Infant monitor
  • Sports captain
  • Hall monitor

Year 6 take responsibility and care for these jobs, infant monitors help entertain and play with our KS1 friends and make sure they are enjoying themselves. Playground leaders made games for our lower-KS1 at lunch.

Year 6 Jobs

In our school, the Year 6s have important jobs. The Year 6s make this school a fun, entertaining place. The Year 6 jobs are Infant Monitors who go over to the KS1 playground and play with them and stop people arguing and falling out. We also have School Shop Monitors who look after our shop and sell school equipment at cheap prices. The Book Shop Monitors sell books for less than £2 and if you read more than 45 times you get a £1 book token. Some other Year 6 jobs are House Captains, Playground Leaders and Maths Board Monitors. The Year 6s take much care doing their jobs so they can make this school a lovely and fun place.

School Council

We have a very proactive School Council which is made up of our School Council Heads, our House Captains and Class Representatives. Children make requests for things to add to the school to make it a better place. We have listened to children’s requests and recently we have added another bench and a mobile library to our amazing playground. Meetings are held every fortnight where we listen to notes from representatives of every class. This is a way for problems or our pupils to be addressed. The meetings are held by the two Heads; these change every year. Join the School Council to make this school even finer than it already is.


Everyone enjoys lunchtime. There’s a wide variety of meals to choose from including many vegetarian options – the chicken curry is exceptional. The kitchen staff and midday assistants are all great members of our school team. We have 55 minutes of break yet Year 6 have all sorts of responsibilities to do during this time. The juniors have a large playground with multiple places to sit including the friendship bench – a place to sit if in need of someone to play with. We have an adventure trail and tyre park, also the infants have a wooden pirate ship in their playground too.


In our school, Christ Church Primary, we have got two playtimes, one is in the morning and the other is at lunchtime and for KS1; they have 3 playtimes – morning, lunchtime and afternoon. We can buy snacks in the hall. There are some choices. They are: toast, water, apple juice, milk and orange juice. There’s an adventure trail, tyre park and field. We have playground leaders. We have 15 minutes for playtime. We are only allowed healthy food. We have a junior playground and an infant one plus Nursery and Reception play areas.

At Christ Church we enjoy our playtimes because of the variety of things we can do: play on the tyre park, play on the adventure trail and visit the mobile library (a suitcase filled with fun books). For the infants they have the option to go on the pirate ship, watch birds from the bird watch or play with the Playground Leaders. Our first break is fifteen minutes long and our second break in fifty-five minutes long. In the summer, we are able to play on the field. We particularly enjoy this because we get to play football and dodgeball.

P.E and Sports

We really enjoy sports at Christ Church as we are a very active school. Each class has two sessions of P.E each week; this means we get two hours. In addition to this, we aim to do the daily mile every day. If not, we do a session of Just Dance. In P.E, we use a website call Real P.E which is full of fun activities and we have indoor P.E. and outdoor P.E. When you are in year 6, you can get the opportunity to be a Sports Captain which is a group of people that help younger children to develop skills in all kinds of sports. Throughout the year, we compete in tournaments such as football, athletics and cross country. We have lots of clubs to improve our fitness: football, dodgeball, gymnastics, running and yoga. At playtimes, Playground Leaders bring our activities for everyone to play with. In the mornings, we use ‘WOW’, a website to encourage you to walk to school, to see how everyone got to school that morning. We try to encourage pupils to walk to school.


At Christ Church, we have a large variety of fun clubs. How to sign up: the teachers at the start of a new year they will give out permission slips. On the back there will be many clubs that you can sign up for. Some are free but some you have to pay for. To go to your club you must tick the club that you want which must be followed by a parent/carers signature. The clubs you can sign up for are:

  • Football Y1-2 and Y3-4
  • Dodgeball Y3-6
  • Gardening Y5-6
  • Chess Y3-6

And many, many more.

Educational Visits

Our teachers enjoy planning exciting educational visits. These trips are usually linked to our learning topics e.g.: Anglo-Saxon workshop at the World Museum and visit to farm. You will also have the chance to enjoy residential visits. In Years 3, 4 and 5 children visit education centres in Cheshire and in Year 6 the children go to JCA Adventure Centre in Shropshire for three nights. In addition to this, we enjoy having visitors visit our school. Recently, Stone-Age Man visited Year 3 and 4 and we had a taekwondo coach to teach self-defence. The annual pantomime held in school is something everyone looks forward to too.

Church Links

Being a Church of England school, we have a strong connection with the church across the road from us. Our C.H.R.I.S.T. Values are very important to us as we try to follow them every day to make us better people. Some people go to an afterschool club called Faith Factory where we meditate, pray and sometimes we even eat biscuits. We go to church on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. We have regular worship assemblies which are led by Mr Williams, our Headteacher, or Reverend Neil, the vicar who works at our church.


Not everyone likes homework but don’t worry, here at Christ Church we are only set homework that is useful, achieve and even sometimes fun! Obviously, reading is important homework. We have reading apps called Reading Eggs for KS2 and Reading Plus for KS2. In addition to this, we have a weekly spelling list of 15 words and we are given Common Exception Words (CEW) every half term. We are also set half –termly projects that are based on History, Geography or Science. This piece of homework can be anything you want it to be, for example a game, a fact file, a poem and so much more.

We look forward to you joining our school and hope you are happy and learn everything well.

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