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School Council Responsibilities


Rules for all Members including all House Captains:

  • Arrive on time for the meeting
  • Speak politely and never shout
  • Raise our hand if we wish to speak (only the Chair of the meeting will be excepted)
  • Take turns to speak and not talk over someone else
  • Respect each other by listening to what they say
  • Not start or continue personal arguments with other members – this is not the place for them.

We agree that we will vote to remove any member who breaks these rules and does not apologise.
That person will leave the meeting.

We agree that the Chair of the meeting leads the discussion and nominates people to speak. ONLY the Chair does this.

We agree that all members of the Council must take responsibility for speaking for their class, not just themselves, and so MUST let their class know what will be discussed BEFORE the meeting.

We agree that all members must read the School Council minutes to their class once they have been received from the School Council Secretary.

What has the School Council done in the past

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