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The Government have issued the following guidance to help with home learning 

Guidance on helping children aged 2 to 4 learn at home can be found here:

·         https://www.gov.uk/guidance/help-children-aged-2-to-4-to-learn-at-home-during-coronavirus-covid-19


Guidance on helping children with special educational needs and disabilities learn at home can be found here:

·         https://www.gov.uk/guidance/help-children-with-send-continue-their-education-during-coronavirus-covid-19


WE OFFER THE FULL 30 HOURS NURSERY PROVISION ON-SITE.  We offer 15 hours universal nursery entitlement each week over 5 morning sessions during term time.  We admit children to our nursery class from the term following a child's 3rd birthday subject to availability.  We currently have places available in both sessions.  The sessions are from 8.30am to 11.30am.

We can also offer additional 15 hour provision (subject to availability) provided by Wasps Link Club Nurseries who have a setting on our school site.  Wasps Link Club Nursery may also be able to offer places for 2 year olds.  If you wish to arrange a visit to our nursery please contact our school office on 01925 492422 or email us Christchurch_Primary@warrington.gov.uk

If you wish to discuss availability of places at Wasps Link club please contact the team on 01925 813573 or 07584 513944.

You can view our Nursery Pospectus and the WBC nursery booklet and application form on our School Prospectus page.

Our Nursery Team

Class Teacher – Mrs Roberts

Also supporting learning in Nursery – Mrs Booth

Nursery 'Helpers' - Mrs Wellands, Mrs Caddick and Mrs Mackie

All about our Nursery

We are always busy in Nursery! The children in Nursery learn through cross-curricular themes, interwoven with the Christ Church CE friendly and caring Christian ethos, that are designed to follow the children’s interests and challenge each child to progress onto their next steps.

Good parenting and high quality early learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow, therefore forming a strong partnership between home and Nursery is vital. We nurture this partnership by providing many ways for parents/carers to communicate with the Nursery team and share their child's achievements at home/Nursery. 

Play is the cornerstone of our Early Years curriculum. Through supervised play children are encouraged to explore, develop, imagine and investigate their surroundings in order to start to understand the world around them. Practical experiences are incredibly valuable and appropriate at this stage of learning. Play provides important opportunities for learning in many ways; observation, exploration, discovery and communication. These opportunities are developed through both indoor and outdoor activities.

We are passionate about developing the children’s love of books and stories so we do place an emphasis on the children developing a positive relationship with literature. We also ensure our that our children enjoy maths using a blend of fun, engaging games and guided activities, providing the children with a firm basis of understanding on which to build their later knowledge.

Teaching in Nursery is an absolute pleasure, laying the building blocks for a smooth transition Reception and it is a joy to watch our young children develop into happy, confident children who feel set to succeed on their journey through Christ Church CE Primary School.


NB: PARENT OR CARER enquiries only – children should not use this method to contact class teachers.

Dear children, Parents and Carers: our online safety teaching emphasises that internet use always comes with risks; it is all about what we do when we come across something online that worries or frightens you. Teachers have judged all the links here to lead to safe online learning, but not everything on the platforms (such as youtube) is safe of course. So parents, monitor your child’s online activity and if you are concerned about any content they access, report it via the CEOPS button on the safeguarding page or home page of our website. Children, do the same.



Please see below 'Quick Guide to MS Teams for Parents 2020' guide as to how your children can set up themselves ready to interact with their teacher, from Monday 20th April.

Children will also need to log-in to the system. These log-ins consist of a 4 digit number which will form the start of their email address, and a password. PARENTS / CARERS NEED TO ASK YOUR CHILD’S CLASS TEACHER, VIA THE FACEBOOK LINK ON THIS CLASS WEBPAGE, FOR THEIR UNIQUE  4-DIGIT LOG-IN CODE AND PASSWORD.

e.g Joe Bloggs is given code: 1234,  therefore email address will be 1234@christchurchprimary.warrington.sch.uk. Every child should add this exact e-mail address to their 4-digit log-in code.

Password:   Blog34

This will enable your child to access teacher-pupil messaging from Monday 20th April. Later on we will tell you about live interaction sessions starting Monday 27th April  and you will be sent a timetable for this.

Please note:

Third parties cannot contact your children via MS TEAMS as it is an account password-only system. However, children can send messages to each other. It is your responsibility to supervise your children’s use of MS TEAMS and to remind your children that they must remain respectful of school rules and expected behaviour standards in relation to any such messages. NB: school IT admin have access to all messages. Thank you.


Children should not try to individually video-chat or telephone staff, as for safeguarding reasons staff cannot interact 1:1 with a child in this way - any questions should be posted on the class 'General' chat please. Also, whilst MS TEAMS is a secure site, you should only allow your child to upload pictures of themselves to MS TEAMS if it is relevant to a learning activity or task they have been doing or something of clear and ‘innocent’ interest, they are suitably dressed and you are aware that other children, despite our instructions to the contrary, may have the capacity to copy pictures of your child and use them in other applications.

MS Teams live sessions timetable: W/C 4th May sessions will be held on Mon 4th May and Thurs 7th May due to Fri 8th May being a B/H.




Please find below some suggested general home learning tasks.

Phonics Play - you can now access all online resources/games for free!

Simply sign in using the follwing login details:

Username: march20

Password: home


Once you have logged in, click on 'Children', then 'Games', select the relevant Phase (see below) and choose which interactive game they would like to play.

Nursery -  Phase 1-2

Reception -  Phase 2-3

Year 1 - Phase 3-5

Year 2 - Phase 4-6

Twinkl: you can now access 100s of home learning activities for all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6, for free!

Simply click on 'click here' at the top left of the page via the link below:


This will provide you with a comprehensive list for each year group :

*NEW* Year 1 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack (for Nursery/Reception you will need to access the 'EYFS' packs) - which has an excellent range of additional activity you can download at home. 

*NEW* Year 1 School Closure Home Learning Interactive Links - which once downloaded, you can click on your chosen activity and you will be automatically directed the relevant download page. 


Here are some fabulous links to help you stay active at home:

*BBC Super Movers - fun curriculum linked resources to get your child moving while they learn.


*JOE WICKS - Joe has now produced lots of family/child-orientated workout videos. Here's one example:


*JUST DANCE - so many fun routines for children to copy and dance along with - a hit for all ages! Here's one example:


*GoNoodle® gets kids up and moving to fun, engaging content and games.


*Change 4 Life - "Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day. From our fun 10 Minute Shake Up games to information about active hobbies and sports, here's everything you need to get your family moving."


* Please note that some of the above direct links may not work from this page so you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser or simply google each activity. Although all the activites we put on our website are apporpriate for children, please remember to supervise you child's online activity at all times.   



Please make sure you are still following the government's advice on Social Distancing:



Current Term's Curriculum Newsletter - Please access through the 'Curriculum' tab.

Nursery Attendance

Our aim is to create a culture in which good attendance is 'normality' and valued within a nurturing and supportive learning partnership with parents /carers.

At Christ Church CE Primary School we believe good attendance is essential if children are to be settled and take full advantage of the learning and development opportunities available to them.  At a young age continuity and consistency are important contributors to a child's well-being and progress. We believe regular attendance at nursery also sets up good practice for statutory school.  Without good regular attendance, our School will also lose vital funds to finance our great staff: children ratio - which makes such a difference to every child’s learning and development.

Please support us in making sure we get the chance to teach your lovely children every day!


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