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A Very Warm Welcome to Class Ten W!

Class 10W strive to best the ‘best class in the school’ with their hard-working attitude and exemplary behaviour which sets the standard for the younger children in the school.

We hope you enjoy looking through our class page.  We will keep updating it with photographs and news, and you will find all the curriculum information you need on here. 


Tables and Spellings are given weekly on Mondays. Children should read, practise their spelling using the handwriting sheet and learn their times tables every night.  Spelling and tables sheets should be handed in on Fridays

Half term homework - we have introduced half-termly homework activities. These are to be completed across the whole half term and can be done in any way as long as they are based on our knowledge organisers. These are to be completed to a high standard and will be checked at regular intervals.

P.E. P.E usually takes place twice a week on Tuesdays (outdoor) and Wednesdays (indoor). The correct kits will be needed in school on these days. P.E. kits are an essential part of school uniform.

READING AWARDS: Reading awards assemblies are held at the end of each half term. To earn a bronze certificate children need to read a minimum of five times each week. Platinums are awarded to children who go above and beyond and even read in the holidays! Help Class 10W to win the trophy by reading at home.

MUSIC LESSONS Class 10W are learning to play the flute. Lessons take place on Wednesday afternoons, so flutes need to be in school for this. 

Composer of the Term - Russian composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninov.

Author of the Term Our new Author of the Term is Berlie Doherty and we are looking forward to reading her book 'Street Child', which will fit in nicely with our new Victorians theme for the half term.

Visit her website to discover more about this great author http://www.berliedoherty.com/novels/street-child.html


Don't forget to read every night at home. Every read counts towards a reading award and your chance at a FREE book from our school bookshop!


UKS2 Hist 1 Sum 2-19(1)UKS2 Hist 2 Sum 2-19(1)UKS2 Scie 2 Sum 2-19(1)

This Term in School...

In Science we will be looking at planning, conducting, evaluating and improving our own investigations to answer our own questions. We've started with conducting a heartrate investigation. We had such a wide range of questions across the whole class and we've loved taking charge of our learning.

We've sampled some supermarket pizza and have written in English.  We have also written an emotive first-person narrative of the story of Peter's Denial. Next we'll be writing a letter of complaint. Best pieces of work will be published on here.

In Maths we've built upon our brilliant fractions knowledge and are now using it to understand decimals and percentages. Soon we'll be converting between the three!

For our computing unit we have been programming using 'Hour of Code'.

P.E lessons have been developing our striking and fielding skills and we have enjoyed our first class game of rounders.

We have been delving into the past and looking at our Victorian history. The school itself was built in the Victorian era which provides us with lots of primary resources to study. The half-termly homework also focuses on this topic. Our geography ties in nicely to our history, where we'll be comparing modern and Victorian maps of the local area.


This term in P.E., we have been practising our striking and fielding skills through the game of rounders. Below is our first full game of rounders. We'd been practising accuracy, underarm throwing and catching to build up our skills and really enjoyed our first game. We learned a lot, particularly the importance of communicating clearly to our teammates.

We're looking forward to playing again in school next week and some lucky members of our class will be going to the rounders tournament.

Designing and making healthier pizzas.

This half-term we have been looking at how to keep healthy. At the start of the term we sampled some traditional pizzas and made recommendations to help make them healthier. We then decided on which toppings would be best and made our own pizzas in school. We chopped the vegetables for our pizzas ourselves and learned how to be safe and hygienic in the kitchen.


Learning about a Different Faith.

Our school had a visitor from Bolton, Imran, to share what life is like as a British Muslim. The children learned a lot about the similarities and differences Christianity and Islam. Year 5 and 6 children then enjoyed a workshop session where we were able to ask questions, learn about mosques and test our general knowledge about the Muslim communities and the Islamic religion.

Walk Through the Bible.

Class 10W  visited Class 12 to share our lessons on the Old Testament. The Year 5s has summarised a story or two each from the Old Testament and our recent Walk Through the Bible sessions to share with the Year 6s. 

The Year 5's presented their stories to individuals in a 'speed-dating' style.

NSPCC Sponsored Maths Mystery Challenge

In Year 5, we became Detective Inspectors to solve the challenging case of who stole the handbag at the Valentines Disco. We had a list of guests and some information about each guest. Solving the five clues required a range of mathematical skills including multiplying and dividing, 4-quadrant coordinates, simplfying fractions and knowledge of square numbers. Working with partners we eliminated suspects until we had enough evidence to be sure of the true culprit. Stanley and David may have a future in this line of work as they completed the challenge with 10 minutes to spare. Well done!

Number Day - Messy Maths

For our Number Day messy maths, we decided to explore how much juice would have been in Violet Beauregard in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children measured the weight and circumference of a range of mini-Voilets (or blue water balloons) before juicing them into a measuring jug to find out the capacity. As you can see, we absolutely loved this investigation.


Each Wednesday we have been practising our athletics skills. We have improved our jumps such as long jump and triple jump and completed relay races including passing the baton and over-under relay. We have also been working on our throwing skills using the javelin and the chest push.

Year 5 Parliament Assembly

A member of parliament visited our school to tell us all about what our government does. We learned about our local MP, the different Houses and their roles in making laws, as well as the Queen's role in allowing these laws to pass.

Year 5 then had a workshop after the assembly where we delved a little further into what it takes to make a law. We held a debate on whether electronic devices should be banned for children under 10. The children had stand to demonstrate their wish to take, thank the 'Speaker' and take turns presenting their arguments and counter-arguments.

Here are some photos from the morning.

Keeping Safe at Safety Central.

Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic opportunity to visit Safety Central in Lymm, a service run by Cheshire Fire and Rescue service. During this activity-packed day the children found out about how to stay safe across all areas of life including water and fire safety; road and train safety; being healthy; internet safety and wellbeing and first aid.

The staff at the centre were impressed with the existing knowledge our children had as well as their excellent attitudes and behaviour throughout the day.

Festive Fun Pop-up Cards

It's our final week of term and we've been getting festive in Clas 10W. We have made pop-up Christmas cards, designed and decorated by the children themselves. Here they are proudly displaying their work (as I'm sure you'll do at home too).

Walk with Wolfie

On Thursday 6th December, our school had a visit from a local furry friend - Wolfie. The mascot was joined by members of the Warrington Wolves Foundation and was in school to walk the Daily Mile with us. These visitors were impressed with our knowledge of how to keep healthy through exercise and a balanced diet and were pleased to hear that we already get moving for our Daily Mile in school. Class 10W was joined on the track with Classes 4, 5 and 8. 

Christ Church Christmas Tree Extravaganza

We have been working hard in Class 10W to craft decorations for our Christmas tree to display in the Extravaganza. Our verse from the Bible was Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 10 '...when they saw the star they rejoiced..'. The children made and decorated their own 3D stars for our tree. They then added silhouettes of figures rejoicing.

Here you can see some of our stars as well as the other marvellous trees on display at the Church. 

Siege Engine Construction

In keeping with our theme of storming the castle, we have been designing and making siege engines in class. The children had to consider how the weapon would fling missiles at the castle, whether it would use gravity or tension and how to get an accurate shot.

Here we are, working in pairs or groups to construct our catapults or trebuchets. (Finished products to come).

Going Green - Herbs and Spices.

Every fortnight, we work with Mr Mullan and our current theme is learning all about different herbs and spices. Firstly we had a quiz to test our knowledge of some herbs and spices. We looked at, smelled and even tasted a variety of herbs and spices. Our next lesson was all about vegetative propagation - which we than carried out on some mint plants. If all goes well over winter, these mint plants should be available to purchase in the summer.

Here we are getting to grips with some samples. Can you identify any of these herbs and spices?

Meet the Teacher

A very big 'Thank You' to all who attended 'Meet the Teacher'. It was great to meet so many of you. Attached is the presentation shown on the evening for any who couldn't attend or would like a recap.


In addition to weekly spellings it is important for your child to practise the common exception words for their year group. We distribute these over each half term. Letters have been sent home with the spellings for this half term. A copy of the letter for Year 5 is attached below.

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