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Welcome to Class 11 - Year 6

Welcome to Class 11’s Page

Our Class Team:

Class Teachers - Mrs Haury & Mrs Rowlinson

Classroom Support - Mrs Johnstone

Class 11 strive to best the ‘best class in the school’ with their hard-working attitude and exemplary behaviour which sets the standard for the younger children in the school.

We hope you enjoy looking through our class page.  We will keep updating it with photographs and news, and you will find all the curriculum information you need on here. 

HOMEWORK Maths and English homework is set on Fridays and should be returned the following Tuesday.

Children should read, practise their spelling using the handwriting sheet and learn their times tables every night.  Handwriting sheets should be handed in on Fridays.

In addition to this weekly homework, in the run up to Year 6 SATs, additional homework may be set.

P.E. P.E usually takes place twice a week on Mondays and Fridays so P.E kits must be in school on these days. Due to Confirmation classes taking place on Mondays, that P.E. lesson is currently devoted to the Daily Mile

Year 6s are currently having Yoga sessions on Tuesday afternoons.

READING AWARDS: Class 11 are champions - we won the Upper Juniors Reading Awards trophy this term. Thank you to those at home who have helped through hearing your children read.

Reading awards assemblies are held at the end of each half term. To earn a bronze certificate children need to read a minimum of five times each week. Platinums are awarded to children who go above and beyond and even read in the holidays! Help class 11 to win the trophy by reading at home.

MUSIC LESSONS Class 11 are currently learning to play the flute. Lessons take place on Wednesday afternoons, and so flutes need to be in school for this. Our Composer of the term is Ludovico Einaudi

Author of the Term Our new Author of the Term is Berlie Doherty and we are looking forward to reading her book 'Street Child', which will fit in nicely with our new Victorians theme for the half term.

Visit her website to discover more about this great author http://www.berliedoherty.com/novels/street-child.html

Class News

Years 5 and 6 are taking part in an Orbiton with Chip Kendall at the Parr Hall on Friday 8th March

UKS2 Hist 1 Sum 2-19(2)UKS2 Hist 2 Sum 2-19(2)UKS2 Scie 2 Sum 2-19(2)

Year 6 Leavers' Events

This Term in School...

In Science we will be looking at the circulatory and respiratory system as well as the effects of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol on the body.

We've sampled some supermarket pizza and are writing reviews in English. We'll be using our findings to create healthier pizzas which are just as tasty.

In Maths we are applying our reasoning skills to solve a range of problems

We will be taking part in an Orbiton with Chip Kendall on Friday 8th March.

Learning about a Different Faith

Our school had a visitor from Bolton, Imran, to share what life is like as a British Muslim. The children learned a lot about the similarities and differences Christianity and Islam. Year 5 and 6 children then enjoyed a workshop session where we were able to ask questions, learn about mosques and test our general knowledge about the Muslim communities and the Islamic religion.

Walk Through the Bible

Class 11 were visited by Class 10s for a lesson on the Old Testament. The Year 5s has summarised a story or two each from the Old Testament and our recent Walk Through the Bible sessions to share with the Year 6s. 

The Year 5's presented their stories to the whole class and the children in Year 6 used the Bible to find out more information on a story that interested them the most.

Number Day

Year 6's enjoyed measuring something a little different this number day. We looked at handspans, height, foot length and head circumference. The children were given a range of tools to measure each area and had to select the most appropriate. This was not always as obvious as you may expect....

The children will be putting this information into spreadsheets to look for trends.

Sportshall Athletics

In PE this term we have been practising and developing our skills for the SportsHall Athletics Tournament. Here is Class 11 going for gold in school.

 At the first event of the tournament our Year 5s and 6s progressed to the semi-finals and continued to succeed, landing us a place in the finals. 

At the finals event a week later, we placed 7th. The children performed admirably and we're very proud of them.

Computing with Class 11

In our computing lessons we have been developing our ability to research relevant information from reliable sources. We have also used excel to imput and analyse data on spreadsheets

From where do we get our energy?

Class 11 (joined by several members of Class 10W) throroughly joined their visit to Fiddler's Ferry to learn all about how our electricity is made. We discovered how the burning of different types of coal can affect the energy produced, how circuits work and learned all about different renewable energy sources.

We also built our own creative pylons to demonstrate how electricity travels from the power station to our homes.

Keeping Safe with Safety Central.

Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic opportunity to visit Safety Central in Lymm, a service run by Cheshire Fire and Rescue service. During this activity-packed day the children found out about how to stay safe across all areas of life including water and fire safety; road and train safety; being healthy; internet safety and wellbeing and first aid.

The staff at the centre were impressed with the existing knowledge our children had as well as their excellent attitudes and behaviour throughout the day.

Christmas Play.

A huge well done to all children who performed in the Christmas plays. You were superb. A special 'thank you' to the children (and therefore adults at home) who were able to come to all performances and gave the audiences their best.

Birchwood High School Performance

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a morning trip to Birchwood High School to watch their performance of Beauty and the Beast. The high school students did a superb job and had our classes enraptured with their act. Our pupils made notes on the performance to enable them to write a review next week.

PE in Class 11

Our first half term of school saw us developing our Football skills in PE. We loved improving our ability to pass, shoot and tackle as well as developing our teamwork skills.

Here we are, hard at work.


In our Science lessons we have  gotten well underway with our Forces unit. We started this unit by looking at the difference between weight and mass and investigating the link between weight and mass of objects on Earth. We are also looking at air resistance, friction and levers, pulleys and gears this term.

Meet the Teacher - Thank You!

A huge thank you to all parents who attended 'Meet the Teacher'. For those of you who couldn't attend, or would just like a recap of the information shared with you, the powerpoint from the afternoon is attached.

Thanks again!


In addition to weekly spellings it is important for your child to practise the common exception words for their year group. We distribute these over each half term. Letters have been sent home with the spellings for this half term. A copy of the letter for Year 6 is attached below.

Reading Plus

Do continue to encourage the use of this at home. It is designed to improve reading fluency and comprehension as well as developing inference skills (which are vital skills for the SATs). Children can access this at home using their own log-in and it will contribute towards a reading award as long as it is signed by an adult in school planners.

Here is a link



Mathletics is a great programme to use in school and at home. It is designed to develop and improve all areas of mathematics from arithmetic to problem solving. It will be targeted to your child's particular year group and ability. Children can access this at home using their own log-in and can earn certificates each week. The maths class with the most points in a week also recieves the Mathletics Trophy.

Here is a link


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