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Welcome to Class 11 - Year 5&6

16/09/20 - We are so pleased with the engagement from Class 11 on Teams. Your online lessons are going very well. Keep up the super work everyone. We'll be back together in school before you know it!


15/9/20  - The weekly timetable of work for Class 11 is now on Teams. Please use this to help your children keep up with their learning and to be aware of when our live lessons are scheduled.

Thank you for your cooperation in this strange time,

Mrs Haury, Miss Walters and Mrs Tickle.


Update 15/9/20

Dear Parents

Following further details and discussions with agencies on the specifics of our Covid confirmed case in Class 11, it is now clear that general household members (including yourself)  DO NOT have to self-isolate at this point and neither do their siblings, unless anyone shows symptoms. Only the children in Class 11 must isolate until the 24th September, which is the day they should return to school.

Siblings in other classes may return to school from Tuesday 15th September as normal. Naturally, if your other children were to become symptomatic, you would inform us and keep them at home.

The letter attached, a standard letter, gives all the details.

We have no evidence at this stage that any of the children are unwell and, as in common with the vast majority of children, the impact of the virus on them should they ever get it appears no worse than other common illnesses, if indeed any symptoms show at all.

Provision will be made for Class 11’s education during this period, as before, via the Class 11 TEAMS page from Tuesday.

With all best wishes

Yours Sincerely

I Williams



Welcome to our web page.

Our Class Team:

Class Teachers - Mrs Haury and Miss Walters

Classroom Support - Mrs Tickle

We are a mixed Y5 and 6 class who always strive to be the best we can be. We are proud of the progress we make in lessons, and as we grow and learn, we are proud to be becoming good people.

We hope you enjoy looking through our class page. It will be updated with photographs and news regularly, and you will find all the curriculum information you need on here.

HOMEWORK: Children should read, practise their spelling using the handwriting sheet and learn their tables every night. Maths arithmetic homework will be set on Fridays and be returned on Mondays ready to be reviewed in the Maths lesson. Handwriting sheets should be ready for checking on a Monday. Half-termly topic homework will be set based on the Knowledge Organisers for that half-term.

READING AWARDS: Reading awards assemblies are held at the end of each half term.  To earn a Bronze certificate children need to read a minimum of five times each week. Platinum and Diamond Awards are awarded to children who go above and beyond and even read in the holidays! Children who receive a Diamond Award will receive a £1.00 book token to go towards a book from our school shop. Help class 11 to win the trophy and read lots at home!

PE: PE lessons take place twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday - on PE days the children will be expected to come into school wearing their PE kit. The children regularly do the mile on our track. 

MUSIC: Class 11 will be learnining to play the flute. Lessons will take place on Wednesdays so flutes will need to be in school for this.

Class news

  • ​​Find below our 'Meet the Teacher' information.
  • English Speaking Board ... we will be having an ESB day on Tuesday 15th September. Please send all poems, books and visual aids in to school on this day. Thank you.

English Speaking Board Poems:

Meet the Teacher

Due to current circumstances, we will be unable to invite you in to school to meet the teacher. We's love to see you all face-to-face but until we can, the powerpoint below has all the information you'll need to know about your child's new class. Do let us know if you have any further questions.


Please see below 'Quick Guide to MS Teams for Parents 2020' guide as to how your children can set up themselves ready to interact with their teacher.

All children with current log-ins will automatically be logged in to their new September 2020 Class when they access the system. 

Please note that children will need to access MS class team pages in the event of a local lockdown or if individually self-isolating. 

Children will also need to log-in to the system. These log-ins consist of a 4 digit number which will form the start of their email address, and a password. PARENTS / CARERS NEED TO ASK YOUR CHILD’S CLASS TEACHER, VIA THE FACEBOOK LINK ON THIS CLASS WEBPAGE, FOR THEIR UNIQUE  4-DIGIT LOG-IN CODE AND PASSWORD.

e.g Joe Bloggs is given code: 1234,  therefore email address will be 1234@christchurchprimary.warrington.sch.uk. Every child should add this exact e-mail address to their 4-digit log-in code.

Password:   Blog34

Please note:

Third parties cannot contact your children via MS TEAMS as it is an account password-only system. However, children can send messages to each other. It is your responsibility to supervise your children’s use of MS TEAMS and to remind your children that they must remain respectful of school rules and expected behaviour standards in relation to any such messages. NB: school IT admin have access to all messages. Thank you.




NB: PARENT OR CARER enquiries only – children should not use this method to contact class teachers.

Dear children, Parents and Carers: our online safety teaching emphasises that internet use always comes with risks; it is all about what we do when we come across something online that worries or frightens you. Teachers have judged all the links here to lead to safe online learning, but not everything on the platforms (such as youtube) is safe of course. So parents, monitor your child’s online activity and if you are concerned about any content they access, report it via the CEOPS button on the safeguarding page or home page of our website. Children, do the same.


Children should not try to individually video-chat or telephone staff, as for safeguarding reasons staff cannot interact 1:1 with a child in this way - any questions should be posted on the class 'General' chat please. Also, whilst MS TEAMS is a secure site, you should only allow your child to upload pictures of themselves to MS TEAMS if it is relevant to a learning activity or task they have been doing or something of clear and ‘innocent’ interest, they are suitably dressed and you are aware that other children, despite our instructions to the contrary, may have the capacity to copy pictures of your child and use them in other applications.


In addition to weekly spellings it is important for your child to practise the common exception words for their year group. We distribute these over each half term. Letters will be sent home with the spellings for this half term.

Reading Plus

Do continue to encourage the use of this at home. It is designed to improve reading fluency and comprehension as well as developing inference skills (which are vital skills for the SATs). Children can access this at home using their own log-in and it will contribute towards a reading award as long as it is signed by an adult in school planners.

Here is a link


Recommended Reading for Fun


Mathletics is a great programme to use in school and at home. It is designed to develop and improve all areas of mathematics from arithmetic to problem solving. It will be targeted to your child's particular year group and ability. Children can access this at home using their own log-in and can earn certificates each week. The maths class with the most points in a week also receives the Mathletics Trophy.

Here is a link


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