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Welcome to Class 12 - Year 5/6

Welcome to our Web page.

Our Class Team:

Class Teacher - Miss McHugh

Classroom Support - Miss Rostron

Class 12 are an extremely hardworking, well-mannered group of children, always striving to be the best they can be.

We hope you enjoy looking through our class page. It will be updated with photographs and news regularly, and you will find all the curriculum information you need on here.

HOMEWORK: Children should read, practise their spelling using the handwriting sheet and learn their tables every night. Handwriting and Tables Sheets should be handed in on a Friday. Literacy and Maths homework is set on a Friday and should be completed by Tuesday.

READING AWARDS: Reading awards assemblies are held at the end of each half term. To earn a bronze certificate children need to read a minimum of five times each week. Platinums are awarded to children who go above and beyond and even read in the holidays! Help class 12 to win the trophy and read lots at home.

PE – PE for this half term will take place on Tuesdays (outdoor PE kit required) and Thursdays (indoor PE kit required).

MUSIC – Class 12 are currently learning to play the flute. They are making great progress and are sounding wonderful. Their lesson takes place straight after lunch on a Monday; therefore your child will need to have their Flutes in school every Monday, to allow them to participate fully. Our Composers of the Term are Lennon and McCartney

AUTHOR OF THE TERM – Our new Author of the Term is Louis Sachar and we will be reading 'Holes' in school.

Visit http://www.louissachar.com to find out more about this amazing author.

Class News

Playground Leaders. 

Both the infants and juniors would like to say a big thank you to our playgrounds leaders for all the activities they have put on this term. You have made our lunchtimes more enjoyable and exciting. Thank you making our lunchtime play happier.

Panto in School

On our first day back in school we will be enjoying a visit from a Pantomime company who will put on a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. We are very much looking forward to this. What a fun way to start our new term!

Y5-6 Sum 2 18(2)

SATS Information


In addition to weekly spellings it is important for your child to practise the common exception words for their year group. We distribute these over each half term. Letters have been sent home with the spellings for this half term. A copy of the letters for year 5 and 6 are attached below.

Yoga and Meditation

Classes 11 and 12 have been enjoying Yoga lesson on Monday afternoons. They have learned positions such as the Sun Salutation, Warriors One and Two, the Plank, Head-down Dog and the Cobra. They also learned about different breathing techniques such as 'bumblebee breath' and counting breaths. All children have really enjoyed this time in the week to exercise and be calm and still. 

At the end of each session the children are given time to reflect on how they feel and what they have learned.

E-Safety Talk.

Our Year 6 children had a visitor to school to give them some specialist Internet Safety Advise. Rachel Greenwood told the children all about sharing personal information online and how to keep. Some of our children were surprised to learn that once something like a picture has been shared online it is there forever. The children were given activity books after the session and we encourage them to talk to you at home and to teachers if they have any further questions or concerns. 

Visit from a Magistrate.

Our Year 6s had a visit from a local magistrate. They learned all about the role of a magistrate and the difference between Crown Court and a Magistrates Court as well as the age of criminal age of responsibility (which is 10 years old). The children also had the chance to ask any questions.

Geography - Travel Agents

In Years 5 and 6 we worked in groups to become experts on a Continent of our choice. We discussed the geological features of these continents, including climate and human and physical features. We also planned the routes between three different countries or holiday hotspots on these continents. We then had the opportunity to run our own travel agents and to hold question and answer sessions on our continents. 

Internet Safety Week.

In school we participated in Internet Safety Week starting on 5th February and during our Poetry Recital we touched upon living with technology at home and how to keep safe online. Below is a powerpoint with key information on internet safety. We hope you find this useful.


Nick Stafford, of Ortelius, has been in school teaching our Year 5 and 6 children the basic skills of orienteering alongside some practical maths and geography skills. He was joined by our very own Mr Hughes who enjoyed returning to school, particularly as he was sharing a particular passion of his. The children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, spread out across 4 days.

Here's Class 11 and 12 demonstrating their skills.

Year 5/6 Football Tournament

Children from our Year 5 and 6 classes took part in the Under 11s Mixed Football Tournament for Warrington at the Orford Jubilee Hub. Despite the cold weather conditions, the children were fantastic and some even surprised themselves with their enthusiasm to get stuck in. The children involved did themselves, and our school, extremely proud with their determination and excellent sportsmanship.

Well Done team!

Football tournament 7th Dec class 10, 11, 12(1)


Several children from our Year 6 classes were recently Confirmed. They all looked lovely and presented themselves beautifully. We are very proud of them for attending this service and choosing to be Confirmed.


Jack and The Beanstalk

What better way to start our second half term than with an energetic, modern pantomime.  The children (and the teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the interactive performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. As well as being entertained, we were inspired and children across the school are writing their very own version of the tale. Here are some photos from the wonderful morning. See if you can spot two of our teachers putting on a show with the performers...

Science Day

Class 12 enjoyed a Science Day with Mr Mullen where we learned all about the life cycles of a range of animals. Mr Mullen was also in to take some members of our class out to do a spot of gardening and to discover all about vegetative reproduction. Here we are working hard, learning and enjoying ourselves.

Beeston Castle

In October the Year 5 children visited Beeston castle. We went on a night walk, scaled the castle and visited the farm. The children had a great time and were even complemented on their behaviour.

Beeston 2017(2)

Zoo2U Visit

In September, we had an exciting visit from Charlotte at Zoo2U. The children learned all about the different ways to classify animals and determine whether they were fish, reptile, bird, mammal, amphibian or insect. They also had the chance to see a scorpion up close, touch a Western hognosed snake, stroke a lesser tenrec or Guinea pig and some children even held an African White Faced Owl or the Kookaburra. It was an exciting and educational day during which the children were far better behaved than a certain, rather noisy, Kookaburra.

A Visit From King's Academy

Year 6 children from classes 11 and 12 were visited from the Head of King's Leadership Academy and some ex-ChristChurch pupils who attend the school. They learned all about what to expect in high school and had the chance to ask some burning questions. 

Meet the Teacher

A big thank you to all parents who attended 'Meet the Teacher'. For those of you who couldn't attend, or would just like a recap of the information shared with you, the powerpoint from the afternoon is attached.

Thanks again!

Outdoor PE

Class 12 are simply loving their PE lessons this term. We are developing our agility and our coordination, particularly in relation to ball skills. Here we are stuck into a game of Handball.

Reading Plus Online

Do continue to encourage the use of this at home. It is designed to improve reading fluency and comprehension as well as developing inference skills (which are vital skills for the SATs). Children can access this at home using their own log-in and it will contribute towards a reading award as long as it is signed by an adult in school planners.

Here is a link



Mathletics is a great programme to use in school and at home. It is designed to develop and improve all areas of mathematics from arithmetic to problem solving. It will be targeted to your child's particular year group and ability. Children can access this at home using their own log-in and can earn certificates each week. The maths class with the most points in a week also recieves the Mathletics Trophy.

Here is a link


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