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Welcome to Class 9 - Year 3/4

Our Class Team:

Class Teacher - Mrs Dakin (Mrs Rowlinson)

Classroom Support - Mrs Pollard

In Class 9, we are extremely proud of our hardworking and ambitious attitudes toward learning, along with our caring, polite and respectful attitudes towards every member of our school community.

Key points to remember:

Reading: Class 9 love reading! Please continue to support this at home and encourage your child to read at least 5 times per week to earn a bronze reading award. Asking your child questions during reading will significantly impact on their understanding and comprehension skills; skills which are vital to your child’s development.

As always, please sign your child’s diary after they have read.

We actively encourage children to develop their love for reading, so we offer the chance for children to come into school early to complete an extra read. Children can come into class each morning until 8.40am and these reads will be signed off by an adult and will count towards your child’s reading award.


Spellings and handwriting – go out on a Monday, to be returned on a Friday ready for their spelling test

Time tables – go out on a Monday, to be returned on a Friday ready for their test

Half term homework - we have introduced half-termly homework activities. These are to be completed across the whole half term and can be done in any way as long as they are based on our knowledge organisers. These are to be completed to a high standard and will be checked at regular intervals.

Children should be able to complete all homework independently as it is often simply a recap of topics covered in school. If your child is genuinely finding the homework difficult don't hesitate to inform their teacher before the homework is due.

Music - We are learning to play the recorder and have our lessons every Tuesday.

P.E: We aim to do two PE lessons a week. Our PE lessons take place on Thursdays and Fridays. Please can you ensure both indoor and outdoor PE kits are kept in school during the week.

Author of the term: Our author of the term is Phillip Pullman.

We will continue to update this page with important information, key messages and photos so please keep checking back!

Diaries are checked daily for messages from home, however please free to ring or call into school if you have any questions or concerns. 

Knowledge Organisers

Below you can see our Year 3/4 knowledge organisers. Here you can find out all about what we'll be learning in our lessons this half term. These will be updated regularly.

LKS2 Hist Sum 2-19(2)LKS2 Scie Sum 2-19(2)

This Term in School

Our current theme this term is the 'How dangerous is our planet?' which we have started by looking at the tectonic plates beneath the Earth's crust.

We have looked at the different ways these plates can move and how they can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. 

In R.E. and English we are using the Bible to find stories about Easter.

We will be looking at the human skeleton in Science and learning about how the bones and muscles work together.

In P.E. we have been practising our relay race skills.

Dakin's Diner

In Class 9, the we worked hard to create a delicious meal of tomato soup and garlic bread. Thank you to all parents who visited Dakin's Diner. We hope you enjoyed the fruits of our labour, we know we did!

Dental Nurse Visit

Years 3 and 4 had a visit from a dental nurse to tell us all about the importance of dental hygiene. We learned about ow important our teeth are and what can happen if we don't take care of them.

Year 3 Became Forensic Scientists!

Year 3 visited Padgate Academy to help them solve the mystery of who stole the trophy! They had to work carefully as forensic scientists to solve this challenging case

Explosive Experiments

In Class 9 we created volcanoes in keeping with our theme 'How dangerous is our planet?' The children mixed vinegar and bicarb.

An Extra Member of Our Class

Class 9 have an unusual additional pupil this year. He is rather small and goes by the name of 'Nibbles'. Unlike his human companions, Nibbles is a hamster and is enjoying Class 9 as much as they enjoy him. 

Reading Plus Online

Do continue to encourage the use of this at home. It is designed to improve reading fluency and comprehension as well as developing inference skills (which are vital skills for the SATs). Children can access this at home using their own log-in and it will contribute towards a reading award as long as it is signed by an adult in school planners.

Here is a link



Mathletics is a great programme to use in school and at home. It is designed to develop and improve all areas of mathematics from arithmetic to problem solving. It will be targeted to your child's particular year group and ability. Children can access this at home using their own log-in and can earn certificates each week. The maths class with the most points in a week also recieves the Mathletics Trophy.

Here is a link


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