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Eco Schools and Gardening


Class 8 Christmas Gifts

Class 8 have worked hard with Mr Mullan and have decorated some beautiful Christmas gifts. They are particularly proud of their work on the Violas. These 'white treasures' are a frost proof, hardy plant that you can put outdoors in the ground or in planters. They are also ideal for a Christmas table centrepiece. You can purchase these under the shelter for £2, along with some Christmas-time flowering hyacinths and mini fir trees. They have not only planted and decorated these gifts, but also considered how to price them to make a profit whilst being good value for money.


Have a look next time you're on the playground!

Classes 10S and 10W Herbs and Spices

Our Year 5 classes have worked with Mr Mullan to learn all about different herbs and spices. They have started to carry our some vegetative propagation on mint and basil and if all goes well these may be available to purchase next year.

Here are some of the herbs and spices the children looked at. Can you name any?

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