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We are a member of the DfE RPA (Risk Protection Arrangement) for the purpose of insurance.

For personal accident & UK travel information please refer to pages 68 - 71 in the document below for full details of cover.

English Speaking Board Y5

We are all  extremely proud of the way our Year 5 children prepared for and performed during their English Speaking Board exams In Summer 2022. The children worked very hard indeed to prepare a presentation about one of their hobbies, they memorised and recited a favourite poem and also read aloud from a much-loved book.  In addition to this, on the day of the exam, the children had to engage in discussions with other children about their presentations. The results this year are fantastic with fourteen children receiving the highest award of Distinction, nineteen children receiving a Merit-Plus and thirteen children receiving a Merit.  All that hard work has definitely paid off and it has been wonderful to see the children’s presentation skills and confidence develop in preparation for this award. This year’s Y5 children will take their examinations in the Summer term 2023.

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