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Welcome to Class 2 - Reception

Dear Parent/Carer,

It is my privilege to welcome your child as a member of our School Family. Our Church of England School is not a building; our School is every child, every teacher, every member of our support staff all working together to make futures brighter. As our ‘motto’ says –‘Together, with God’s love, we can achieve anything’.

You should have received a new starter pack in the post with all the information you should need before you child joins us in September. Please complete all forms in the ‘New Starter Data Pack’ plastic wallet and return to the school office ASAP by post or by hand following the current social distancing guidelines.

If you have any further queries you can also contact school by telephone/email:

t: 01925 492422          e: christchurch_primary@warrington.gov.uk

PLEASE NOTE: During the current COVID19 situation, our usual arrangements for induction have changed and you can read more about this on certain forms within the pack – full information is on our website. September will hopefully bring a reversion to normality and so most of the information enclosed with this letter refers to ‘life as normal’. If this proves not to be the case, we will adapt as we have currently, and communicate any changes to you in good time. Stay safe!

My highly-skilled colleagues across the staff and I have one mission: We will look after your son or daughter to the very best of our ability. We will do our very best to educate them to the highest standards they can reach – academically, socially, physically, morally and culturally. We will prize greatly the development of their good character. We will work with you to achieve these goals, in partnership together, so that your child will one day be ready to leave us prepared completely for the next step on their life’s journey.

We can’t wait!

Yours Sincerely

Ian Williams


Welcome to our Class web page.

Our Class Team:

Class Teacher - Mrs Ryan

Classroom Support - Mrs Akinyemi


All about our Reception classes

We are always busy in Reception!  The children in Reception learn through cross-curricular themes, interwoven with the Christ Church CE friendly and caring Christian ethos, that are designed to follow the children’s interests and challenge each child to progress onto their next steps.  We are committed to promoting the highest levels of well being and involvement for our children.

We value the role of parents as children’s primary educators and work hard to build positive relationships between home and school.  Our school has a friendly open doors ethos and practitioners are available to talk to parents at the beginning and end of the day.  Parents are always welcomed into school and encouraged to discuss any concerns they  might have.  We endeavour to share information with our parents in many ways such as: informal chats, reading diaries, newsletters, our online observation tool '2Simple', half termly parent feedback forms, website updates and termly parents’ evenings.

In our Reception classes we recognise that young people learn best when they are active.  We understand that active learning involves other people, objects, ideas and events that engage and involve children for sustained periods.  Therefore, we believe that Early Years education should be as practical as possible and our Early Years department has an ethos of learning through play.  Play is a powerful motivator encouraging children to be creative and to develop their ideas, understandings and language.  Play is also flexible and able to suit the preferred learning style of the child.  It can provide multiple ways for children to learn a variety of different skills and concepts.  The children in Reception will experience both child initiated and adult directed play opportunities both indoors and outdoors. 

Teaching in Reception is an absolute pleasure! We feel confident that you will be amazed by the progress your child makes as they journey throughout the year towards becoming confident, independent and motivated learners. 



NB: PARENT OR CARER enquiries only – children should not use this method to contact class teachers.

Dear children, Parents and Carers: our online safety teaching emphasises that internet use always comes with risks; it is all about what we do when we come across something online that worries or frightens you. Teachers have judged all the links here to lead to safe online learning, but not everything on the platforms (such as youtube) is safe of course. So parents, monitor your child’s online activity and if you are concerned about any content they access, report it via the CEOPS button on the safeguarding page or home page of our website. Children, do the same.



Please see below 'Quick Guide to MS Teams for Parents 2020' guide as to how your children can set up themselves ready to interact with their teacher.

All children with current log-ins will automatically be logged in to their new September 2020 Class when they access the system. 

Please note that children will need to access MS class team pages in the event of a local lockdown or if individually self-isolating. 

Children will also need to log-in to the system. These log-ins consist of a 4 digit number which will form the start of their email address, and a password. PARENTS / CARERS NEED TO ASK YOUR CHILD’S CLASS TEACHER, VIA THE FACEBOOK LINK ON THIS CLASS WEBPAGE, FOR THEIR UNIQUE  4-DIGIT LOG-IN CODE AND PASSWORD.

e.g Joe Bloggs is given code: 1234,  therefore email address will be 1234@christchurchprimary.warrington.sch.uk. Every child should add this exact e-mail address to their 4-digit log-in code.

Password:   Blog34

Please note:

Third parties cannot contact your children via MS TEAMS as it is an account password-only system. However, children can send messages to each other. It is your responsibility to supervise your children’s use of MS TEAMS and to remind your children that they must remain respectful of school rules and expected behaviour standards in relation to any such messages. NB: school IT admin have access to all messages. Thank you.

Children should not try to individually video-chat or telephone staff, as for safeguarding reasons staff cannot interact 1:1 with a child in this way - any questions should be posted on the class 'General' chat please. Also, whilst MS TEAMS is a secure site, you should only allow your child to upload pictures of themselves to MS TEAMS if it is relevant to a learning activity or task they have been doing or something of clear and ‘innocent’ interest, they are suitably dressed and you are aware that other children, despite our instructions to the contrary, may have the capacity to copy pictures of your child and use them in other applications.

Current Term's Curriculum Newsletter - Please access through the 'Curriculum' tab.


How can you help?

Practise the sounds in your child’s yellow sound book every day.

Practise letter formation using the Jolly Phonics sheets which are sent home for you to keep.

Help your child with their weekly homework activity (purple book) – sent home on a Friday.  Please complete and return the following Wednesday.

Listen to your child read their home reading book and comment/sign their reading diary.

Find out information about your child’s topic using the local library or the internet.

Having all they need in school in the morning helps your child to be happy, and happy children make better learners! Please:

1. Check your child’s bag contains their reading diary, reading book, homework wallet and sounds book - please ensure that their bag is either the offcial 'Book Bag' or flat/small enough to fit into their tray.   

2. Ensure money is in an envelope labelled with their name, class, the amount of money and its purpose.

3. Regularly check your child’s bag for letters and return slips promptly.

4. Send your child with a labelled water bottle each day (containing only water) - please ensure they don't leak if you are putting them in their book bag. 

5. Snack - if you would like your child to have school snack please pay £2.50 each Monday or if they prefer their own snack please send this in daily in their book bags. 

6. Return a completed menu sheet every Monday with your child’s name at the top of each day.

Please label all items. 

EYFS - Statutory Framework & Guidance (Early Adopter Versions)

Early years foundation stage (EYFS) reforms early adopters scheme: exemption direction for academic year 2020/21 for Christ Church CofE Primary School Padgate, Warrington

Under The Early Years Foundation Stage (Exemption from Learning and Development Requirements) and Childcare (Exemption from Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2020, the Secretary of State for Education grants exemption from the following sections of the 2017 Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework:

i) The educational programmes under EYFS paragraph 1.5; and

ii) The early learning goals set out on pages 10 to 12 of the EYFS; and

iii) The requirements set out in paragraph 2.6 to 2.11 of the EYFS relating to Assessments and moderation at the end of the reception year – the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile – which requires settings to complete the Profile and submit the same to the local authority.

As a requirement of participation in the EYFS reforms early adopter scheme, you must instead follow in full the EYFS reforms early adopter framework (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-adopter-schools-eyfs-framework).

Early adopter schools are able to disapply specific requirements of the revised EYFS in line with other non-early adopter schools in the event of legislative prohibitions, restrictions or requirements being applied as a result of coronavirus where it is not ‘reasonably practicable’ for those schools to comply with those requirements. (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-years-foundation-stage-framework--2/early-years-foundation-stage-coronavirus-disapplications)

The safeguarding and welfare requirements of the 2017 EYFS will continue to apply and have been included in the EYFS reforms Early Adopter framework.

At the end of academic year 2020/21 the School will be required to complete the EYFS Profile as set out in the EYFS reforms early adopter framework for all children in the reception cohort. This data will be required to be submitted to the local authority.

The direction granting the exemptions and modifications will be in place from 1 September 2020 and ending on 31 August 2021. It applies to a child in the reception class and, where applicable, in the nursery class as defined in the regulations.

Notes: “Reception class” means a class in which education is provided which is suitable to the requirements of pupils aged five and any pupils under or over that age whom it is expedient to educate with pupils of that age.

“Nursery class” means a class (i) in which education is provided which is suitable for children who have not attained compulsory school age; and (ii) which is situated in a school that also has a reception class that is participating in the EYFS reforms early adopter scheme.

British Values - EYFS



We will be continuing to develop our phonics skills/knowledge across EYFS using planning and resources that can be found on the 'Phonics Play' webiste. Here are some great links you can use to help support your child's development at home:

Phonics Play




Mr Thorne Does Phoincs


Recommended Reading for Fun

New Intake Meeting Information


Mathletics is a great programme to use in school and at home. It is designed to develop and improve all areas of mathematics from arithmetic to problem solving. It will be targeted to your child's particular year group and ability. Children can access this at home using their own log-in and can earn certificates each week. The maths class with the most points in a week also recieves the Mathletics Trophy.

Here is a link



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