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Special Needs

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Tel: 01925 442659

Find information about services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabillities in and around the Warrington area.

Contact a Family Helpline

www.cafamily.org.uk | helpline@cafamily.org.uk | tel 0808 808 3555 

A one-stop shop for parents of disabled children.

SEN Employment Information

Although we’re a primary school, we’re always thinking about the future. Finding employment (even unpaid employment) can often be a challenge for young people with certain Special Needs or disabilities. There are employers that would be willing to give a young person a chance with some additional support in place. Many parents/carers whose children have special educational needs and disabilities might be worrying already about the job opportunities (or lack of them) that might be available for their children in the future. Some parents might be able to offer other young people a chance at supported internships now and this might open doors for their own children in the future. The documents below give information on this area.

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